Jun 25

Quality Procedures Policy

RAW Painting, through the utilization of this Quality Control Plan will strive to ensure that contracted work meets or exceeds the standards expected in the contract, which should always be uniform, of high-quality level of workmanship as specified in the Chaney Brooks Privatization Contract. This work includes delivery orders issued for all phases of IDIQ Exterior Painting, IDIQ Interior Painting, and IDIQ Partial Painting.

To ensure that we are in complete compliance with the contract specification, the following principles will be observed:

A. Ensure the highest quality of workmanship through maintaining supervised controls, written instructions, quality control procedures and practices. Establish clearly defined responsibility and authority for compliance with contract specifications.

B. Establish and maintain positive working relationships and be in partnership with the Chaney Brooks Representative.

C. Perform audits and random inspections of the Work Control Section, Interior Exterior and Partial Painting Section.

D. Ensure conformance to all contractual requirements, specifications, applicable Chaney Brooks standards, and the Quality Control Plan. Compile accurate records of inspected work on approved forms and other required documentation.

E. Notify Contract Manager, Sub Contractors, and Supervisors of identified discrepancies which are of repetitive nature, for immediate corrective action. Review and inspect corrective action taken to resolve discrepancies noted.

F. A Quality Control Issues Board will convene biweekly or more often to discuss quality performance and area that are strong and weak. Solutions will be developed to produce positive improvement and implemented by the Owner, and other members of the board. Board members will include the Owner, Quality Control Personnel, Supervisors and selected Journeymen painters. When issues pertain to the Subcontractor’s work, they will be invited to be an active member of the review board.

G. Quality Control Personnel will work directly for the Owner, while working with the Supervisor’s, Journeymen Painter’s and Sub-Contractor’s to ensure contractual compliance. Communications and the sharing of ideas fostering a positive attitude that will ensure success.