Hickam Air Force Base

towerThe picture shown here on the left is of the Hickam Air Force Base Air Traffic Control Tower. It was indeed an exciting and different challenge however, it was expertly accomplished. Saftey is always our number one priority with quality quickly in tow, both are always on the minds of every team member as they were throughout the duration of this project.

Pearl City, 4-Story Apartment Building

These picture depicts the RAW Painting crew working simultaneously as they set up to embark on all phases of exterior gallerypainting on a 4-story apartment building in Pearl City. This exterior painting included informing all occupants in advance to ensure vehicles were moved as well as all items on their lanai’s. Special care was given to occupants items and vehicles who were out of town and uninformed.



409059_235459639876979_2037136547_n 419011_235460736543536_1020839442_n 419047_235462076543402_52077960_n 407451_235460243210252_687799834_nBar

403351_205395832883360_1432061073_n 381104_205394762883467_2007556377_nInterior Painting

374854_184252694997674_1544072339_n 373783_184252414997702_817734215_n 321291_184253958330881_485934739_n 376688_184253284997615_1063333129_nRoof Waterproofing

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